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Connecting With Brands On LinkedIn Is Tough. Unless There Is Something In It For Me Of Course.

Connecting with brands on LinkedIn is tough. Unless there is something in it for me of course.

Of all the social media platforms, I find LinkedIn to be one of the hardest to crack for brands. Low to zero engagement from even lower organic impression figures. And before you shoot me down with the “organic is dead” argument (which I’ll save for another blog post), I sat and did a whole re-think of my understanding of the platform, just by using myself as an example.

Taking off my Conversation Station hat and putting on my Bronwynne Wiehl hat, I tracked my usage to see if I could map out my journey of LinkedIn, as a user. To remind you, I have just recently left my corporate job and started my own business as a social media entrepreneur.

Okay, so here’s how I have used LinkedIn in the last 6 months…

In three very distinct ways: Seeking value, information, and advice from experts.

Seeking value: I gradually started to unfollow the brands I did not need to follow anymore. Banks, financial institutions, bankers. When I needed to know what was going on in banking, it was important to follow them. But they just started to clog up my feed, so I unfollowed. I wanted my feed to be worth my time, so I followed business owners, entrepreneurs, and social media consultants.

Gathering information: New to the world of small businesses and entrepreneurship, my learning curve was steep. It was like candy with brands who were giving out free advice, toolkits, templates. Value, right? I downloaded and subscribed to as many resources as I could.

Advice from experts: I was also craving as much information and thought leadership content to help me transition from a corporate mindset to one of newbie business owner. I wanted to learn from actual people, humans; how had they survived, what lessons could they teach me; their tricks of the trade. They understood my journey and spoke in a language which resonated.

LinkedIn company pages are great to go find out more about the company; their history, their product & service offering, and their values. I guess that’s why it’s important to constantly keep this info up-to-date and interesting.

Because if I had to sum it up, LinkedIn company/brand pages are still the place I go to look for jobs, to learn about the business and know what they’re all about. If their feed is interesting enough, I might even follow. But in a world of so much noise, I suspect people are becoming a lot pickier as to who they follow and why.

Putting my Conversation Station hat back on, my recommendation is this: It’s not about you. It’s about them. Feed people information that will make them want to follow you. Add value. Give away free information. Make a solid connection.

And to remember: there is incredible value in connecting with an actual person on LinkedIn. Use your employees to be your brand ambassadors. They have a wealth of knowledge to share. Ironically, if they represent your organisation well-enough, the brand job is done.

Photo by Cris Tagupa on Unsplash

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