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Why Small Businesses Should Mimic The Kardashians

Why small businesses should mimic the Kardashians

The popular TV show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is one of the highest-rated shows on TV.

The figures speak for themselves. In June, their season finale episode marked the most-streamed episode in E!’s network history.

So what does this have to do with small businesses? Why should they care?

It’s because content matters and when it comes to storytelling, the Kardashians are masters of the plot.

Along with key characters which you grow to either love or hate, they draw audiences in with fresh new content in each and every season.

The Kardashians give ordinary people a glimpse into their lives. The ‘behind the scenes’ view. The moments are real (or as real as reality TV allows us to believe it is).
 You get to join the family for breakfast, you attend birthday celebrations with them and even go on adventurous holidays and parties together.

You also get tangled up in their messy family arguments, their juicy relationship hookups, fights with girlfriends, right down to the birth of their children.

There’s drama, excitement, tears, and joy. A mix of intensity and sometimes comedy (and I’m referring to the antics of Scott Disick here) wrapped up in one.

They demonstrate strong family values, unpredictable surprises, exciting adventures mixed with an authentic dollop of personal stories of infertility, psoriasis, breakups, and disappointment – all the ingredients audiences are looking for.

As one review put it, it’s like “junk food for the mind” of which we just can’t seem to get enough of.

Storytelling makes your business real. It breathes life into it and makes you relatable. It’s a hook. 

Using insights into what makes the Kardashian series work is all about taking your audience on a trip behind the shopfront window. It’s about bringing them along on the journey with your business. Showing them the ‘behind the scenes’ story. Sharing your thoughts, your successes, and your screwups. Making it believable. Building relationships which make your audience feel part of your brand. This is what ultimately brings in trust and sales.

Be real. Be authentic. Be approachable. Tell your own Kardashian story. We all have one.

(Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash)

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