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What I’ll remember about becoming a newbie entrepreneur in 2019

The About Me page will tell you that I left my job in corporate after 20 years to open my own social media business. Nothing prepared me but that’s been the best part of my journey. 2019 will be remembered as the year I knew that what was in my head (and heart) could make a difference to business owners, and in turn, this country that I love. So then, in a nutshell…


– the guilt that came from finding happiness after I quit my job. I didn’t realise just how miserable I was until I started to heal.

– discovering how much I knew after so many years in the corporate world. Man alive! I suddenly woke up & realised how much was in my head.

– how easy it was to share my knowledge with clients & add real value. Clients would soak up every word I’d say & I saw a real difference made in their world. Humbling experience.


– the joy of working in bed during winter was bliss. Oh yes, and no sitting in traffic!

– realizing that I need to work during the holidays. Thank goodness my husband was supportive of my business from day 1. Yeah, social media never sleeps. He gets it now.

– shredding of the weight of imposter syndrome & charging what I’m worth. I had no idea what to charge in the beginning but as my confidence returned, I knew what I was offering was gold and differentiated from young, inexperienced youngsters selling “digital services” but only trying to make a quick buck.

starting the new year off with a social media content marketing plan


– being a guest on a podcast. Boy did this pull me out of my comfort zone. And it was great! My parents were so impressed! My dad even suggested I offer to help KyKNet out with their social media. Bless!

– losing clients and moving on. A tough one when it first happened. I realised just how emotional I feel about every client I work with. You put your heart & soul into their social media accounts; you are their voice. To walk away isn’t easy but at the same time, I wish them well. It also allowed me to find fresh, new clients.

– finally knowing my worth & choosing clients based on mutual respect. I learnt that unless people see the difference I make to their business, they will never value what I offer and therefore never see that what they’re paying me is an investment into their business or their brand.

YOH! It’s been a hell of a ride! I’m never looking back!


– what is the ONE MAJOR thing you’ll remember most about your work life in 2019? 🧐

Let me know!

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  1. That moment when you realise that you’ve really helped some view their lives differently. (Oh and a very cool collab with you! 😆)

    1. That collab was one I’ll never forget! So many learnings, which is what it’s all about, right. Really great to be able to work with you Nikki!

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