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Catch the LinkedIn wave

I woke up on Saturday morning to a surprise notification that one of my LinkedIn posts was trending. The last time I trended on a social media platform was on Twitter for my birthday in 2011 and again a few years later when Khloe Kardashian high-fived me in a tweet. I know, right! We were both pretty unknown back then & I’m not going to lie, it was a highlight. *winks* 

Gary Vaynerchuck is right. LinkedIn is the place to be right now. There is less noise. No anger. Space to breathe and room to move.

Or as he puts it, LinkedIn 2020 is the Facebook 2012. It’s where it’s all happening.  

Even though I manage a few LinkedIn profiles for clients, I’ve been pro-actively posting more content to test out what works and what doesn’t on my own profile. My content strategy is focussed on my learnings as a newbie entrepreneur and sharing of social media tricks. I make sure I’m personal. I share from my own experience. I even upload my own photographs. I avoid outbound links to articles and I engage as often as I can with other entrepreneurs and some pretty interesting people. And it’s starting to pay off.

From a platform perspective, the organic (non-paid) reach on LinkedIn is currently outstanding.

I don’t have a large following (1k) as I do on Twitter (3k), but my posts regularly get over 1 000 views; sometimes the reach is over 2 000 people. Compare this to my Instagram stories which only average 180 views. Real people (and not bots) strike up honest conversations. My posts get shared and I find that the value I add really makes a difference from the feedback I receive back. As a business owner, this is what matters. Not Likes. Not Followers.

The platform’s vibe has changed and the more you connect with people, the more the algorithm rewards you. Read that again.

The secret sauce is human connection.

My recommendation for any service-orientated professional is this:

  • Give LinkedIn another chance. But try a different strategy. It’s not (only) for job hunting. What’s your story?
  • Update your profile with details of how you can help others and not who you are. CVs are so 1990s.
  • Post from the heart. Give your opinions and tell people how you really feel. Yes, be vulnerable.
  • Share freely: your content, your ideas, your tips & tricks. Make it worth people’s time to stop & read your post.
  • Engage. Comment. Be social. Be genuinely interested in others. And seek to build them up.
  • Stop selling. Nobody goes on to social media looking to be sold something. Even if you say it’s free. You’re still selling. Practice real connections and the sales will come.

As with all social media platforms, it is important to have both a brand and a content strategy. Quality connections over quantity.

It also helps if you start with an All-Star rated profile. If you’re unsure what this is, then we need to talk. Get in touch and let me help you build your profile so that you can start having conversations on LinkedIn that matter.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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