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The best advice I can give you before starting your own business

I thought that I was unable to launch my business until I had a website. That and a stack of business cards. I delayed starting doing business for quite a couple of months because I felt I wasn’t “ready.” I read books. I completed online courses. I scribbled ideas and thoughts over and over in a red notebook I carried around with me. I was wrong.

Even when I built my website, it required so much copy because I had thrown my net so wide, thinking that this approach would secure me more clients. But I was wrong.

It was only once I started doing the work that my business really kicked into gear. One client after another, project by project, is what taught me how to run a successful business.

It took almost a year to realise that the focus required was an external one, not an internal one.

I shifted my focus from academic knowledge to:

– Being obsessed with my ideal target market

– Understanding their pain points & where I could add the most value

– Creating content for solutions that would help them

– Networking and showing up on social media where they were hanging out.

This practical research gave me the edge. I worked hard to over-deliver and in doing so, word-of-mouth spread my name to more and more people. And I grew.

A website gives me credibility. I’m able to share anecdotal stories, lessons on my blog, and market my services. But the biggest success factor for me is human interaction. Learning from my clients, deep diving into their worlds, engaging on social media, and face-to-face meetings.

The more I invest in understanding my client and their needs, the better I grow as a business and an entrepreneur.

My advice to you is this: Don’t wait until you think you’ve got everything perfect to start running your business. Just start. Start small, but just do it. Perfection is not what it’s about because there will never be a perfect time.


Your client is not waiting for perfection, they are waiting for a solution which believe it or not, you already have.

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