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The popular TV show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is one of the highest-rated shows on TV. The figures speak for themselves. In June, their season finale episode marked the most-streamed episode in E!’s network history. So what does this have to do with small businesses? Why should they care? It’s because content matters and when it comes to storytelling, the Kardashians are masters of the plot. Along with key characters which you grow to Read More
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why social media is like masterchef contestants
I’m a huge fan of MasterChef. I love how ordinary people are able to take a few simple ingredients and create magic. In a way, I see similarities in the work I do – I take a story and make it come alive on the various social media platforms. But there’s something else I have in common with the cooks from MasterChef. It’s the need for the basics to be in place before that magic Read More
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Of all the social media platforms, I find LinkedIn to be one of the hardest to crack for brands. Low to zero engagement from even lower organic impression figures. And before you shoot me down with the “organic is dead” argument (which I’ll save for another blog post), I sat and did a whole re-think of my understanding of the platform, just by using myself as an example. Taking off my Conversation Station hat and Read More
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The box arrived via courier from Cape Town in under a week. The expression on our faces said it all. With the current load shedding issues in South Africa, we decided to dust off the generator and crank it up. From wear and tear, it required about a meter of piping to replace a worn out part. Searching the web, we came across a boating company in Cape Town and phoned them. They gladly said Read More
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Content Marketing is all about understanding what problem your audience is trying to solve and then sharing information that is relevant to them. Earlier this year, my dog’s pet food brand sent out an urgent alert that one of their products was being recalled due to excessively high levels of vitamin D. I was worried. My immediate reaction was to Google for answers. Was Emma okay? Exactly how serious was the issue? Would I need Read More
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I managed to score a ticket to the Heavy Chef “Facebook for Business 101 Masterclass”. You can imagine my excitement sitting there, just waiting for Facebook to divulge all their secrets on the best ways to reach customers. Alas, they didn’t give much away but what I did pick up was some great nuggets on how best to reach your Facebook & Instagram audiences. Scanning through my scribbled notes, here are high-level nuggets I want to Read More
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I’ve come across this question on numerous Facebook groups by my peers. I’ve also noticed when dealing with my clients that for some of them, posting daily is important, while others are happy to have one or two posts per week. So, then what’s the magic number? It’s quite difficult to know how Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn algorithms are choosing to show your content. There are numerous articles with great advice that video is important, Read More
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