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Who are you up against?

You want to be the best in your neighbourhood. You want customers to walk through your doors and not the competition down the road. But how can you compete if you don?t know your competition?

How do you know if what you?re offering is unique, relevant or better than your competitor?

With the transparency of social media, you can see your competitor?s activity first hand including the response of customers to them. This gives you chance to see your own gaps but also a great opportunity to take advantage of attracting customers to your offering.

Regular social media monitoring and competitor reviews will give you the right information you need to ensure you are the best.


Win more customers

I will scan your competitor’s
social media activity and give
you the insights that allow you
to compare your offering to theirs and
spot opportunities and gaps.
Give me their names and I’ll get going.

From around R3000.

Let's get started
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