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Platform insights

Use data to extract knowledge

Did it work? It?s important to know whether or not the money and effort you put into social media each month is helping you reach your business goals? Is your money yielding the right ROI? Are you talking to the right audiences?

Tracking basic social media metrics gives you answers which help you make decisions.

Questions you should be asking regularly:

  • How many customers are seeing my message?
  • Is the right target audience engaging with my content?
  • Does the message resonate with my customer or add any value to their lives? If not, do you know why or how to take the necessary steps to fix?

A regular audit gives you the answers you need which allows you to make changes immediately so you are investing time and money where it counts.


Give me admin rights to your
page so that I can dive in
& take a look around.

The answers I extract will help you decide
on what?s working & what?s not.
This exercise takes about 3-4 days.
Pricing depends on the level of analysis.

Let's get started
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