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Social media marketing

Put money behind your messages

You already have a foot in the door but want to take this up a notch? Having a social media presence is vital, but isn?t enough anymore. Posting regularly builds credibility but will still not reach as many customers as you?d like. The social media algorithms are constantly evolving meaning your content has to work harder to be seen by the right people. If you need to turn posts into sales and get leads, you need to put money behind your messages.

Investing some money into paid media amplifies your message and reaches a more targeted audience with a defined call to action.

For example, did you know that on Facebook you can target the following people:

  • Demographics - age, education levels, work details, financial info
  • Interests - Food, hobbies, shopping, technology
  • Behaviours - purchase behavior, digital activities, charitable donations, travel and residential profiles

Paid social media (or social media marketing) involves a more strategic approach and it is more time consuming because you?re being more focused with your money and communication. Outsource to me and let?s develop these campaigns together.


Identify your objectives

Deciding on a budget all depends
on what your objectives are.
Do you want more followers on your page?
Or do you need leads?

The budget could be R300 or R3000.
We can decide on this together.

Let's get started
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