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Social media training

Become the expert

We all use social media for our own personal reasons, but when it to comes to using social media for business or as an entrepreneur, this requires a slightly different approach. Now you are talking to customers and potential business. What you talk about should make them interested in your offering and attract new customers.

Social media training will empower you with all the tricks you need to be a success on your business platforms. Executing your own social media posts and having conversations with your customers is an incredibly rewarding experience, for both parties.

If you have a small team, you can establish a light-weight strategy for your social media management. If you rotate the responsibility between team members, it can prove effective in keeping your social media pages up-to-date.

Training can be in groups, one-on-one and half-day or full day options can be arranged.


Execute your own Social Media

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Courses are customizable
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Costs are based p/p rate,
depending on requirements.

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